Exploring Southern Part of Sumatra (part 2) – Bangka Island

Why part 2? actually Bangka Island is the next destination after exploring Palembang. In the past, Palembang, Bangka and Belitong are under the same province, South Sumatra. Just few years ago, Bangka and Belitong are becoming the new province. Due to bad weather, I had no chance to cross Belitong at that time. However, Bangka itself had a beautiful and remarkable scenery that you will not find in other places in this planet…A paradise called Bangka Island…

Bangka Island located southern part of Sumatra Island and famous with Timah or Tin. Lying with its own little island, Bangka surrounded with many beaches with stones and strong current (not recommended for diving and snorkeling I guess..).. The journey started from Palembang at 6 AM in the morning (the take off time so you can imagine what time should I wake up…)..it took 50 minutes from Palembang to Pangkal Pinang, the capital city of Bangka. If you know Braga in Bandung, you may compare it with Pangkal Pinang, another old city..One thing should prepare prior visiting this city is about transportation. As one of the challenge for Indonesia’s tourism, a bad transportation still become an issue. Sometimes the price for taxi is not make any sense *too expensive*..and sometimes the driver will take you to the place which not worthed to be visited only to get extra money…

My first destination in Bangka Island is Pasir Padi Beach, about 10-15 drive away from Pangkal Pinang. A sloping-white-sandy beach with calm waves…unfortunately, this beach is quite dirty and it was a full moon at that time that made some tiny islands across the beach are “missing”. This beach has many delicious seafood restaurants throughout the shoreline.

The next one is Anyer Beach, another white sandy beach with a hilly contour before reach the beach area. Unfortunately, a lot of abandoned tin open-mining give a very bad impression for this beach.

 The last destination for the first day is Tanjung Pesona Beach..the remarkable beach with a beautiful white sand and clear shoreline..the water is like a crystal clear…

For culinary options, Bangka is similar with Palembang, which has pempek, otak-otak, kerupuk ikan (fish chip), and the famous Mie Ayam Bangka (noodle)…mmm…yummy

The second day in Bangka spent by visiting Matras Beach and Parai Tenggiri Beach..Matras beach is similar with Pasir Padi Beach..

And the last one…in my opinion the most beautiful beach in Bangka Island is Parai Tenggiri beach…no doubt in describing this beautiful white sandy beach with stones lying in the shoreline….A crystal clear water with palm trees…just want to lay down!!!..culinary info: You should try Jeju!!

– More stories are illustrated in my web album “An Illustrated Journey” –

2 thoughts on “Exploring Southern Part of Sumatra (part 2) – Bangka Island

    1. yes..that’s right rick…but I don’t know whether they still serve that menu on the restaurant 🙂
      You should visit Belitong also..they have beach as beautiful as Bangka does. I wish I could go there at that time…Belitong, I will! 🙂

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