The Amazing Sikuai Island

Have you ever heard about Sikuai Island? Some of you may heard Mentawai Island more than this beautiful small island. As one of island on West Sumatra Province, Sikuai will offers a unique,  natural and tranquility landscape.

As I lived in Duri, it will take 10 – 11 hours drive away to reach Padang before continuing to Sikuai by boat for about 45 minutes. The boat is smaller than ferry, and it carried 30 people (have you ever heard about refugee from Vietnam who escape from their country using boat? yes, you can use that imagination :)…).

 The only resort in Sikuai has main house (office and restaurant) and several bungalows that look like a Rumah Panggung (stage house?). FYI, the electricity only available from 4 PM – 10 AM, so prepare for your camera battery, handphone 🙂 . The only restaurant in this island serves seafood fresh from the sea (lesson learned: you better order before you get starving, it will take like 1 hour to wait for the food to be served).

 In sikuai, you can do bunch of activities, such as trekking around the island (2 hours), snorkeling, canoeing, and in the end of the day, you should climb up the hill so you can see sunset and Teluk Bayur (200 stairs!). The next morning is the best time to try another water sport: banana boat!

At noon, it’s time go back to Padang with ferry (yes..the real ferry), more comfort even it took longer time to reach Padang (1.5 hrs) — feel more safe actually..In Padang,we also stopped by in some places and beach, like Siti Nurbaya bridge and Padang Beach.

– More stories are illustrated in my web album “An Illustrated Journey” –

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