Flores..a must visit place before you die!

My friend just uploaded pictures in Facebook about her family vacation trip to Flores..The island of Komodo…It remains me of the wonderful journey back in April 2010. If I had chance to meet Patricia Schultz, the author of “1000 places to see before you die”, I would have suggested her to include Flores as one of the most recommended places to see in the world. Flores will offer you a magical experience that you will not find in any other places. From west to east, you are going to deal with five-star diving spots, white sandy and crystal clear beaches, “pre-historic” mountains, and mysterious Kelimutu Lake.

As you may already read my earlier post about Flores, 10 days exploring Flores seems not enough. What I remember most was about the locals’ hospitality.  I’m still remember how the dive operator crews mingled and share their experiences to conserve Flores, a man who sell coffee in Kelimutu Lake gave a scarf for me as I reached the top of that lake, and plenty more the high-end hospitality experienced. I have made list about what I had missed during my last trip and plan to come back someday:

  • Snorkeling in pink beach…Pink beach is literally a pink sandy beach, located close to Labuan Bajo which offers amazing coral and fish underwater..
  • Stay overnight in Bajawa…a small city surrounded by mountains
  • Hopping on Kanawa – Seraya – Sabolon islands – Labuan Bajo
  • Bena Traditional Villages
  • Soa Hot Spring… and many more!!!

Traveling to Flores might not as popular as traveling to Europe and the budget perhaps will be much more expensive than traveling to any other countries in Asia. However, this place will give you 1000% guarantee of magical experiences.

Let’s visit Flores!!!!

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