China rules!

Do you know that China has the highest foreign exchange reserve in the world? Yes, they have US$ 3,305 billion (as of March 2012), three times higher than Japan! And they are on the 3rd place for highest GDP after European Union and United States. Do you realize that most products on earth are made in China? Do you know that knitwear from New Zealand also made in China even the sheep are live in New Zealand? Yes, they choose to export the  wool to China and imported the knitwear back to New Zealand just because cheaper cost.

Several years ago, I heard a lot of traveling stories about China and mostly about how grubby they are. They are also impatient, hate to queue, and you will find none of public toilet in clean way. In early of 2011, I was traveling to China and visited two cities, Beijing and Tianjin. Almost 9 days in those cities, I was impressed!! Why? Both cities are so clean, clean public toilet everywhere, and excellent public transportation. Some people says China changed after summer olympic in 2008.

To be a great host for this event, the government educated their people intensely. I read that they thought how to keep public facilities clean, how to be a friendly host, how to speak English more fluent, and even how to queue!. The efforts paid off as the olympic summer successfully held not only for a spectacular opening ceremony but everything was perfect.

The one thing I love most from China is how they honor the history by preserving all historical places and conserving their culture. Government and people in China are good example for a great nation. I can see The Great Wall of China, Forbidden City, and many other temples and palaces are still on good condition without any vandalism. I was also still have chance to see the famous Peking Opera and Kung Fu!!

 As China is the world’s economic leading country, many new buildings decorate the city’s skyscraper nowadays. For example in Summer Olympic 2008, they built 12 new venues and 8 temporary venues removed after the olympic. My favourite venues are Beijing National Aquatic Center and Beijing National Stadium which also known as Bird’s nest. The public transportation also much improved to serve 19.6 millions Beijing’s residences thru bus and train. The government also prohibit motorcycle and issued strict regulation about car ownership to reduce traffic jam.

I asked my guide tour about how the government control their people for economy, security, and politic issues? He said every aspects in China controlled by the government and most people are having no doubt to follow because they see how the government can protect their people from global economic recession, negative political issue, and even corrupter may not found in this country as the law is strongly obeyed.

Despite some negative political issues about China and not because I have Chinese ancestor, I fully respect their determination to be one of the most powerful countries in the world, specially in economic side. I honor their discipline in every way of life, their willingness to conserve nation’s history, and they contribution for medical world.

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