Tanakita Campsite – Gede Pangrango National Park

By definition, Rain is liquid water in the form of droplets that have condensed from atmospheric water vapor and then precipitated—that is, become heavy enough to fall under gravity (wikipedia.org). 

Before climate change rules the world, rainy season in Indonesia typically will start in September – March. However, this weather forecast is not applicable for rainforests as they are able to create their own rain. The rain can happen anytime along the year.

Today, on May 1st, the day where theoretically supposed to be a beautiful sunny day, rain starts to fall at 1 PM. But it did not stop us to go to situgunung, a lake inside the Gede Pangrango National Park. To reach the lake, we have to walk for about 800m from Tanakita campsite. Rain makes the track so slippery, so we have to walk very carefully especially in down hill track. The effort was paid off when a beautiful misty lake welcome us. 


The rain stopped before sunset and started to fall again before midnight with low intensity. Are we able to go to waterfall in the next morning? 

Tanakita is a campsite located in front of Gede Pangrango National Park. The two hectare area offers different way to enjoy camping. A proper tent complete with bed and sleeping bag is provided by Rakata Adventure who operates this campsite. From Jakarta, tanakita can be reached using car/bus/train. The most recommended transportation is using train. After arriving at Bogor train station, you have to walk across the station for 200m to Paledang Train Station. Take a Bogor – Sukabumi train and drop off at Cisaat train station. It’s better to coordinate with Rakata to arrange pick up from Cisaat. It’s only take 30-45 mins drive from train station to tanakita campsite.

The waterfall, Curug Sawer, located approximately 2km from Tanakita campsite. We started to go trekking at 6.30 AM. I did hope it’s going to be a lovely sunny day. The track was so challenging because rain made the track so slippery. We arrived at the curug an hour later. The way back to Tanakita campsite was less challenging, but the distance is twice from the previous track. It was 4km with hilly road in the last 1km. Extremely exhausted. I can’t feel my leg when arrived at Tanakita campsite. However, the scenery of Gunung Gede along the road was amazing!

Beside trekking, Tanakita campsite also has river tubing and flying fox. Tubing is like rafting with you sitting in the used tire. The river’s current is not as heavy as the one for rafting, just enjoy the scenery along the river!

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