Life is good in Moluccas

It’s been 12 hours since we left Jakarta for this place. People may think we traveled to Europe, but we did not. Africa? New Zealand? None of those countries. We traveled to Ora Beach, a hidden paradise located in Sawai Bay area, north of Seram Island, Maluku Province, Indonesia.


Yes..this beautiful resort is not one of those expensive resorts in Maldives. It’s Ora beach resort. A family owned resort with eight water bungalows and six rooms on land. If you stay in bungalow, you will have coral reef with colorful fish below your lodge.

Once you arrived, just sit on the jetty, and look down under…I’m pretty sure you will forget that 12 hour effort!


The next morning, they took us to Tebing Batu, a high cliff surrounded by crystal clear water where you can do snorkeling.


After that, we continued to Mata Air Belanda. Actually, nothing special with this place, it just a water source founded by a dutch man. So, you may want to manage your expectation.

The next day is the journey to Sungai Salawai. We stopped by for a while to see how to make Sagu, famous meal from eastern Indonesia.

IMG_8618After lunch, we went to Seram Animal Rescue Center in Sawai village, 1 hour from Ora using speedboat. It’s like sanctuary for most animal found in Seram. There are also some birds saved from an attempt of being smuggled outside Indonesia. IMG_8688

After having breakfast in the next morning, they took us to small island across Ora. We plan to hike Bukit Kelinanti, to see amazing view of Sawai bay and Manusela National Park. Every time we asked how difficult the track is, they only said: it’s easy, it will take only 30 minutes to get to the top. Before going up, they took us to the villager’s house who will be our guide to go to Bukit Kelinanti. The old man only bring sickle and wear sandal. Only five of us who survived and reach the top, I was gave up on half way. It’s not trekking, it’s climbing! If you plan to go to the top, you might want to prepare the gear. Use trail running shoes, bring trekking pole, do not intimidate by locals who only wear sandal and bring sarong. They lived there since they were born. You are not me 🙂


How to get here:

  • Jakarta – Ambon : 5 hours flight with transit time 1 hour in Makassar
  • Ambon airport – Hurnala port in Tulehu village : 25 minutes drive
  • Hurnala port – Amahai port in Masohi : 2 hours with Ferry
  • Masohi – Saleman village: 3 hours drive
  • Saleman village – Ora beach resort : 15 minutes with speedboat

We took 5 days 4 nights package offered by the resort. It’s quite cheap compared to other packages from any resort in Indonesia. We got IDR 3,700,000/pax for all-in 5 days 4 nights package (transportation, lodge, meals, tours). Contact person: Alvin Latuconsina, email at

Visit my web album for other illustrated journey in surrounding Ambon, where we visit Pintu Kota beach, Batu Layar, Hila Old Mosque, Amsterdam fortress, and Ambon City.

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