Story from North Sumatra

This trip was the first one after I graduated from university, try to be an independent traveler instead of joining the arranged tour. As I working in the middle of Sumatra’s jungle, yet Sumatra become my first priority to be explored. With a backpack and my lumix camera, let’s the journey begin!

If you asked where is North Sumatra, you may read this link prior reading this story (source from wikitravel). One of Indonesia’s province which lies in the northern of Sumatra Island. With Lake Toba as one of the largest lake in the world (with size larger than Singapore), this major province has attracted many tourists for years, including me!! The journey started in mid of April 2007

Day 1

The journey begun from Duri which took 12 hrs road trip to the north, which extremely exhausting due to bad road condition. A sleepy eyes become widely opened after the beautiful Lake Toba is simply stand in front of us. After having late breakfast (brunch i guess?) in Parapat, we decided to visit Samosir Island, which in the middle of the lake, by rent a speed boat (cost IDR 350K..quite expensive). Crossing the lake, we stopped by at Batu Gantung, a stone that carved as a woman. The legend behind the stone is about a girl who jump into the lake after she got forced to get married with someone she dislike (love is about sacrifice).  The boat trip was fun even my heart was beating so fast since there is no safety equipment  in this boat, not even a single life vest! Samosir island has cemetery of royal family of this small island, a traditional market where we can buy some handicrafts, t-shirt, key chain, bracelet in this half day tour. Brastagi is our next target after exploring Parapat with its beautiful Lake Toba.

Day 2

Brastagi is a beautiful city which surrounded by mountains..peace and calm, that’s all I can say about it.  We stayed overnight at one of the cottage in this city before continuing the journey to Medan. If you have visited Puncak, you may compare it with Brastagi. Like Puncak, Brastagi also covered by mist since 4 PM and we will able to see the view clearly at 8 AM. Riding a horse is one of popular activity in this site. Me and horse? out of my list! I enjoyed every moment being an amateur photographer to capture the amazing view from Sibayak Mountain. At noon, we go ahead to Medan instead.

Medan is the fourth biggest city in Indonesia after Jakarta, Surabaya and Bandung. As many big city in Indonesia, Medan has its own unique but never miss the crowd and traffic jam! This city has Istana Maimun,  Mesjid Raya and many buildings from Dutch Colonial Area. Some of them are in messy and horrible shape (Indonesia: Great nation with no appreciation in history). The most famous culinary is Mie Aceh, Bika Ambon and of course, bolu meranti..mmmm yummy!!!…After sightseeing around Medan until 6 PM, we go back to Duri with all memories from North Sumatra.

– More stories are illustrated in my web album “An Illustrated Journey” –

4 thoughts on “Story from North Sumatra

    1. Hi Rick,

      I’m a petroleum engineer, working for Oil Company that site in the middle of Sumatra..
      Nice blog that you have..Do you permanently stay in Indonesia?

  1. That must be interesting. Yes, I have lived in Jakarta for three years. Now, I’m going to spend a year traveling around Indonesia. Maybe when I get to Sumatra in about nine months you can show me something interesting and off the common tourist trail.

    1. Rick…
      You should buy national geographic traveler this month. They discuss about Sumatra.
      Hope there is English Edition…
      Just contact me when you ready to explore the Sumatra 🙂

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