A Stunning Kawah Putih

Kawah Putih located in Ciwidey, about 46 km to south of Bandung (2.5 hours drive). This stunning crater found by Dr. Franz Wilhelm Junghun, a Holland-Germany scientist in 1837. Local people used to call it as a haunted place since most birds or other animals were disappear when crossing or entering this crater. The sulfur which came out from this crater turns to be the reason those animals never came back to its nest. Historically, this crater formed by eruption of Patuha mountain (2,434m above sea level) in 10th – 11th century. With the height of 2,194 m above sea level, the temperature is within 8 – 22 C. The crater’s surface dominantly with rocks and white sands (this is the name “Kawah Putih” is coming from). The water is changing by the time, sometimes blue or green or even white like a crystal clear. Due to sulfur, this crater gives a warning signal for visitor with asthma. The famous plants from this place are Cantigi, Lemo (to scare the snake away), Vaccinium and the Eidelweis. While the animals are Eagle, Monkey, tiger, etc.

If you continue your journey, you will find Situ Patengan, a lake surrounded by Rancabali Tea Plantation. The word Patengan is coming from Sundanese Language, Pateangan-teangan which means looking each other. The myth said once upon a time, there is a prince called Ki Santang and a princess called Dewi Rengganis, they separated each other even they are in love. They start looking for each other and finally met in a place called Batu Cinta (the rock love). Dewi Rengganis were asking for a lake and a boat to sail together with Ki Santang. Nowadays, the boat is a heart-shape island and local people name it as Pulau Asmara (Pulau Sasaka). Rumor tells if we go to that Batu Cinta and strolling around the Pulau Asmara, we will have an eternal love like Ki Santang and Dewi Rengganis do.

– More stories are illustrated in my web album “An Illustrated Journey” –

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